Bismillahir Rahmānir Raheem.


حَلَلْتَ أَهْلاً، وَوَطِئْتَ سَهْلاً*. Welcome to ‘Journey to the Heart of Islam’.

Here, we explore the journeys, the stories and characters, of different Muslims. In doing so, the ‘heart‘ — the core, the essences — of Islam are looked at closer.

You are here.

I hope you enjoy your stay here; happy travels, Insha Allah!

*A greeting in Arabic (the language that Allah has chosen for the Qur’an to be in; the language that Muhammad (SAW) and those around him spoke) which translates as,

“You have descended upon your own people/family, and you have stepped on your own dwelled land,” and

“May you arrive as part of the family and tread an easy path as you enter.” A welcome: for a Musim, Islam – wherever you may be spatially – in our hearts, is home.