TUE 27/12/22: Keepin’ It Real.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So I came across a YouTube channel today, which inspired me. Someone who’s an Islamic Studies student; has graduated (I think?) in Dentistry also.

Just like my classmate Iqra. She (Iqra) is also… in the Royal Navy. Politically, I have my personal reservations about the British Army [mad how they can call other armies ‘terroristic’. While doing the same, if not worse, as those groups, but being able to have power over their own narratives; presenting themselves as being only ‘noble’, and ‘heroes’].

Anyway. Iqra and I are in the same Islamic Studies class. And with regard to the aforementioned YouTube channel:

It’s nice to find pockets and pearls of inspiration here and there. Like the inspiration to pray sooner rather than later.

Still: be merciful and kind to yourself. Īmān (adherent faith) is something that naturally ebbs and flows; rises and falls. Sometimes, things feel harder than at other times, and this is okay.

Life feels better when it feels like there is a) meaning, purpose. And, b) in a connected way: good structure.

c) Things to genuinely look forward to, also.

@Halal Moaaz.

Sometimes, in this life:

I just feel…


booooored. Underwhelmed. But constant stimulation is not good either. You become accustomed to the ‘new normal’, and then… you’re bored again, even with lots of stimulation around you.

Therefore: those momentary experiences of boredom, which is just a feeling. Is: a good thing. How else are you going to recognise, and actually appreciate, when you feel like a buzzzzzz of energy, laughing and playing and full of laughter and excitement?!

I like it when life feels fulfilling. And… exciting!

Words are…


  • My ‘desires’ are not ‘kings’ over me. They’re not. Discipline is important. Delayed gratification, rich long-term benefits and all.

For example, with me: working on my diet will be significant. Historically, for instance: eating chicken/meat has been a luxury, a delicacy. And yet: it’s available to me, here in the UK, for literally any meal.

But this doesn’t mean I need to eat meat daily. Flexitarianism seems like a good shout.

Something that is especially soul-assuring about being Muslim, a believer, is that:

Nothing happens to us, except for good.

For example:

For the past two days, I’ve been down wid de flu. Unexpectedly, but perhaps it’s something about the weather transition between Turkey and Londinium.

The flu: feels gross. Headache, fever, and the rest.

My mum took such good care of me, AlHamduliLlah. Warmth, Lemsip. She fed me by hand. Spiced curried chicken made by my aunt: that’s probably good for you when you’re sick.

And yeah, I rested. And slept quite a bit. And sometimes: just this is necessary.

A wonderful thing about Islam is:

That it’s not just about how ‘productive’ we are in terms of work, number of hours, number of books read, and so on. That’s a hallmark of ‘modernity’: the ‘reign of quantity’.

In Islam: everything can be spiritually beneficial. How you eat, how you purify yourself. How you rest.

And, in sickness: you’re also cleansed of your sins, you know!

Keepin’ it Real:

Sometimes, you may look at your life and realise that you feel like you’re dipping. Slipping, maybe. It’s okay: it happens. See it as a wake-up call; a call to action.

These things happen cyclically. So long as we seek to pick ourselves back up, and seek to be better.

I’m happy individuals like @Halal Moaaz exist. And, for example, these other YouTube personalities: Khalid Al-Ameri and his wife, Salama Mohammed.

And my mum’s cousin Safwan, whom I haven’t seen in a while. Annnnnddddd…. my friend Jade, Maa Shaa Allah. And Tasnim too.

Oh! And my cousin Sarina, who is in Year Seven. Here’s something she published recently:

My inspiration ❤

Muslims who care about their Deen. And, contrary to whatever stereotypes: they’re not ‘out of touch’ neither with the world, nor with their selves, and their places in the world. [We’re fully… human, trust me.

Those foolish stereotypes about how we’re these ‘superhuman, naïve and ‘sheltered’ ‘pious™’ wannabes’ irk me greatly.]

They sincerely care about their Deen.

Nobody said being a believer was always going to be ‘easy‘. I can assure you, Dear Reader: at times, it can be very, very challenging.

Yet: if you have God. And good relationships, company. Good people that surround you, and who naturally inspire you. You’ll be okay. The challenge leads to reward, benefit, fruits.

Your heart is a compass. Try to keep it pure and good: and know that

it is God who Guides <3.

Islam is the Light,

and Sacred Knowledge illuminates.

Before going into the next term of my Islamic Studies course:

I have to consider the significance of what Allah has Brought me to do. What we are learning to carry, and transmit.

It’s: an understanding of the human being. Of life, and of Wisdom. Seeking to come closer to God. It’s very special, AlHamduliLlah.

[I know I need to consider my ‘Dunya’ as well as my ‘Deen’. I don’t think the two are necessarily extricable from one another, but still: you know wot I mean.

I just know that Allah takes care of our Dunya considerations when we seek to put Deen first.]

Maybe, at some point in life:

You’ll find you, and whatever you have known: have to come crumbling down. It can hurt in the moment, but it is certainly not a ‘disaster’.

Where there is uncertainty: there is so much of possibility.

What a massive blessing.

Everything will be remade again. Step by step, and block by block. This time: with God.

If Allah is the most important consideration in these lives of ours: through the pains, the tears, and the smiles and the most energetic of times…

then we are blessed indeed.


“Let me love you!” My brother warming up our cat friend. The other day: I found him (el cat) nestled between three different blankets/duvets. Bless.

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