.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Birds over the beach. Photo Creds: Moosa Alam, Allah hummabārik.

We’re not really ‘sure-footed’. In the sense that: we haven’t really been here before. When it comes to Time, and to Space. And these arrays of new experiences.

You’re used to ‘yourself’ and how you might have operated in that particular environment. With those narratives that had coloured your skies, shaped practically your entire ways of viewing things. The tints of the windows through which you would look outside.

And there is so much more to come to know. Things to have grace, Mercy, towards even your own self over.

Allah is the Most Loving, and the Most Forgiving.

And, like the way we’d kindly smile at a little child, with small little hands, and a chubby and innocent smile. We’re humans, walking through the depths of aspects of this life, which we have not known before.

You’re most certainly not somehow ‘unique’ in that fact. You’re definitely not unique in that fact. We’re lucky we don’t have to rely upon our own unsure, learning selves. Tripping over, and falling, and trying, and sometimes not quite succeeding. As long as we’re trying: it’s all good, In Shaa Allah . It’s a rich and complex, unwinding, path and process. But we’ll get there, In Shaa Allah .

One step, one battle, one smile,

one turning page, at a time.

إنـما الأعـمـال بالنيات

“Actions are but by intentions.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), according to Bukhāri and Muslim.

And so the whole entire journey is good: so long as our intentions are so.

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