.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A single bird, who relies on its Lord: for food, for shelter, and indeed to fly. Photo Creds: Moosa Alam, Allah hummabārik.

In the not-too-distant past:

They put children into cages [e.g. Belgian colonial rule in the Congo]. Put the heads of Islamic scholars into cases [France, in Chad. Beheaded them with machetes. Displayed their skulls in showcases, proud].

Exterminated whole populations, to carve out their own fathers’ names there instead; conducted nuclear tests in Algeria, and abominable, degrading human slavery in America.

Stole gold and natural resources. Brought about war and insecurity. Brutal and oppressive occupations. And what about the man in Afghanistan whose twelve beloved family members had been bombed to death. And the US army tried to give them money as ‘consolation’. Are ‘air strikes’ the newer, more ‘humane’, more ‘sanitised’ method of unapologetic extermination?

Do they forget that Afghani men feel pain, and have loved their families too?

The Palestinian girl who had to watch her home be stolen; watch the building that had housed her security, her safety, crumble to the ground. While they kick at old men and women; uproot olive trees. And then call their victims… ‘terrorists’.

The grief that Iraq, for one example, carries. And maybe Bush finds it ‘funny’. It’s a campaign of complete, disgusting hatred against innocent people. Ah, but if you can paint them to be: alien, unknowable… At once, ‘violently oppressive’ and helpless, and needing to be ‘saved‘. So that their values can come to look more like yours? [Minus the invasive colonialism part, of course].

They say: ‘Power to the people‘, but in their eyes, some seem more ‘people’, and some more… ‘problems’. It’s when so-called ‘Liberals’ try to assume the ‘moral upper hand’. Claim ‘tolerance’, claim ‘manners’ and ‘democracy’, but only when ‘the people choose’ what is ‘right’, in their eyes. Like when they banned mother tongues, tried to get Muslim women to dress less, put people into cages, and displayed their ‘conquests’ in cases.

‘Liberal’ values, under a microscope: who is ‘right’, and who is ‘wrong’? Who is more worthy of being seen as ‘human’, and thus more ‘worthy of life’?

Dear Muslims,

You do not need people who are prone to lying, to unashamed arrogance, to abundances of moral hypocrisies, to tell you whom you are. Why try to ‘fold’ in order to be ‘palatable’ to ‘Liberals’, only to be ‘smiled at’, ‘tolerated’, by certain people.

When we’d rather be and remain beloved and helped and supported by our Lord, Allah ?

حَسْبُنَا ٱللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ ٱلْوَكِيلُ

“Sufficient for us is Allah , and what an Excellent Disposer of affairs [He is].”

Qur’an, (3:173).

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