.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Above: Antalya, Turkey. Photo Creds: Toyyuba’s Niece.

A Thursday morning, and I’d been… unsure, and annoyed. Altogether restless, in my head. About this, and this. But I wasn’t Created to love the Dunya anyway.

It is emptiness and difficulties. Frustrations, and a lack of Peace: even with pockets of money, and money, and money. And noise and the rest.

And then: I’d met up with my friend ت. We had hot drinks together: it seems I’m into matcha lattes now. [Drink your chlorophyll…]

Before, I used to frequently get cappuccinos. But that was before I got myself into…


I believe that there are many aspects of ourselves that we have not met yet; that have not quite yet been realised. I like how the mystery of that… draws me. Because, for example:

Different environments ‘teach’ you different things about yourself. You can be nurtured so beautifully, for example with the right kind of friend. And the point: is never quite to stay precisely and 100% the same. And still: there are certain anchor things, which will, In Shaa Allah , remain.

That morning, I’d come across a particular YouTube channel: that of an Irish Muslim (who’d reverted to Islam) and his wife, and watched a few of their vlogs.

They inspired me, Maa Shaa Allah : their videos are down-to-earth, and real, and sweet, Allah hummabārik. They’re eating, they’re driving, they’re chilling. They’re doing quite a bit of training. I don’t know why, but the idea of training appeals to me.

That day, also: I’d decided to eat some full-fat food. Maybe it’s the latent gym-goer in me, ‘carbing up‘ and all. If that’s a thing.

I sincerely love my friend ت. From the Grace of Allah : she makes things easier. She gives me inspiration and hope. On the people level: she adds this purpose, this love, this fun, to my life, AlHamduli Llah . And it’s effortless: we just have to be ourselves.

My Deen is something that makes me feel centred. It’s just… goodness. Like in those aforementioned vlogs: I felt inspired by how two people can live their lives in a good way, and be themselves. And be drawn towards good:

Islam accentuates, and gives life to, whatever of good we have, and that is in our lives. Life is journey, life is process.

And Islam is the lifeline that Allah has Given me. And anywhere else: I know I’d be drowning.

We got some things from the pound shop. Some stationery, some stickers. And I’d bought some boxing gloves from the nearby sports shop. In Size: Junior. Because I don’t think I’ve grown since I was fourteen. Anyway.

I also couldn’t reach them. ت tried to use the staff ‘shepherd-stick’ thing to help me. And then:

I went to find a place to pray. According to this shopping centre’s website: there’s a ‘Quiet Room’ there, reserved for people who want to sit and relax in peace. The website said that it was ‘closed’. But it actually wasn’t:

I’d found it, on the bottom floor, ‘by chance’. But, actually: I was Guided by Allah to it, of course. If we keep Allah in mind as much as we can – the Owner of all happiness and of all things good, true and beautiful; the Master – then He Keeps us in Mind too.

I think I’ve realised, by now, that a lot of life is… ‘humble’. It’s earthly; we have things to do, and there are things to do.

But that: with love, even the most ‘humble’ of tasks and things and doings… are exceptionally beautified. It’s: taking a good walk, with the right people. Making brownies.

My little cousin د sat in the kitchen and played with water for ages, yesterday. Added a bit of food colouring into it, and he’d made… ‘tea’, and ‘coffee’, and ‘soup’.

My uncle, د’s dad, loves his son so dearly, Allah hummabārik. And: you can tell. He talks about how he could spend the entire day indoors, if it is with his best friend, his little son. The conversations that they have; being in charge of a beloved little person’s mind, soul, and care.

My uncles won a football match yesterday. They played together as brothers (which they are) and took golden trophies home, on behalf of their family home in Bangladesh [The match had been organised by the British-Bangladeshi Football Association or something]. My mum and aunt had gone to watch them; so too had two of my cousins.

It’s just that we’re ‘looking’ for things. And if we’re not remembering our Creator and obeying Him : then we come to find that we’re only ever coating ourselves in emptiness and vanity.

But Islam is what Allah has Gifted us: this lifeline. Fulfilment, even from ‘small’ and everyday things. And meaning.

It fills our minds and our hearts and our entire lives: with light. With hope, outside of even ‘age-old’ darknesses.

It is that ‘quiet’ beautifier. It’s love, and it’s love, and it’s love.

  • I love the Irish accent. Would I ever be quiet if I had an Oirish accent?

فَٱذْكُرُونِىٓ أَذْكُرْكُمْ

“So remember Me; I will Remember you.”

— Qur’an, (2:152).

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