.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There would appear to be something quite unique about little kids who play football.

For example: when both their legs are injured. They’re limping. But: on the football pitch, everything changes. It’s like they forget. It just goes for a while.

The incredible power of: mindset…

It’s a team thing. A positive-words-of-encouragement thing. Get the energy up, laugh and have some fun. Have hope. Get your head right into the game.

Today: my cousin’s friends also got water guns out and started shooting each other on the pitch. It’s another nice sunny day today, AlHamduli Llah

So I’ve been thinking about people. And how people view people. I came across a snippet from a talk by Omar Suleiman.

In it [autocorrect on my phone just ‘corrected’ that to innit] he reminds us to care about what Allah thinks of us. Does He approve of us? Does He love us? This is what matters. First, last, and always.

And then: although we might seek that ultimate comfort, solace, in such things as… our hobbies. Our interpersonal relationships. Food. And the rest.

Actually, it is only in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest. [Qur’an, (13:28)].

And optimism. And a real reason to seek to do better. With friends and family, in what we do, and in how we try to do it.

Photo creds: Miss Shahanaz.

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