.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Where do they lead? What do you get to meet and experience along the way?

The currents may feel as though they are pushing you back. And sometimes, fighting feels weak, and your bones ache, and your feet are tired. You feel restless. There are these vast mountains to climb, and it almost feels like: it is all the time.

Life here in this Dunya will never be without its unique challenges, and struggles, and things that feel like they are lacking, and they feel a little… less-than.

When it gets too tiring: there is always rest. The warmth and comfort of being enwrapped, enshrouded. Resting. When things get too confusing,

Fear-filling: leave it to the Almighty

You’ll likely be quite positively surprised. With little steps, which might feel a little insignificant, but: in feeling quite powerless, quite unable: is this not how best to come to recognise Power, and the Most Able ?

So many things to think about. Sometimes, it might feel as though material thing ‘X,Y or Z’ promise ‘the solution’. It’s short-lived; it isn’t really real; it’s temporary. Things like the wealth in our hands, the clothes on our backs and so forth: don’t define us.

Our deeds do. Looking at the arena, and our various personal mountains: what is lacking? What feels much like it is some burning challenge? What are the steps we are going to take? And we ask our Rabb to bless for us our journeys; to illuminate the way; to open up the very best possible doors for us, here in this Dunya, and in the Real Life to come, Āmeen.

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