A Pick-Me-Up.

A random image of a Pret bag. Pret do decent snacks. So do Holland and Barrett

Resetting the balance. That with ache, there is peace, and with pain: there is ease. Words matter so much: and how they can poison and rot. Resetting the balance: from good words do beautiful things grow and grow.

That at the very core of our entire Universe: a word. It is: “Be.”

That there have been times when we might have felt… depressed out of our minds, and scared out of our hearts. Faith: that the bad will be balanced out. In doing good, and knowing good, and saying good. May we be so positively surprised, time and time again: by… different. By… ‘more-than-good’.

That you need not believe, and accept as full truth: everything that you, or maybe another, may have ‘thought’, or ‘think’. There’s more to this, you know. More than you could ever know. Even when the going feels tough:

Breathe, and believe. And let the good things: come as they are, and be, be, be.

[This piece of writing has been inspired by my colleague م, who is a Muslim English teacher who loves cats and has a Geordie accent. I’d been feeling quite low in energy today, and after one of our typical nice ‘little’ conversations together: she’d given me a chocolate bar, as a ‘pick-me-up’]

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