Linguistic Significance.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Pictured: Fatih Camii, Istanbul. Photo Creds: A’iyshah Rana.

‘Yet’ is an important word. And then, as Muslims, we add: God Willing. In Shaa Allah

Today, I really took benefit from, and enjoyed, one of my Arabic lessons, AlHamduli Llah

We are fortunate enough to have a really good teacher, Allah hummabārik: one who is not too strict, and whose lessons are very engaging, and whose teaching is really effective, AlHamduli Llah

I’ve learnt quite a significant portion of things from these lessons. About the technicalities of the Arabic language. About language learning; how it can be like pushing a rock up a particularly-shaped mountain. It can typically feel very difficult, until suddenly: the portion of relative ease. And things move smoother, somewhere near the summit.

And: about life. When it comes to Islamic learning in general: I quite like how comprehensive and holistic things are, and feel. Teachers are leaders, and we never quite know which treasures we’ll be enlightened with sometimes. This particular teacher of ours, Ustaadh ج, frequently looks to the Qur’an to show us examples.

He has studied in Syria; within the space of less than five months, between when we started this course to now, he has taught remotely from several different places, countries. Senegal, Nigeria. Mauritania, Morocco, and I think Egypt in the coming week, In Shaa Allah

This teacher of ours: I think he had mentioned that his real ventures in learning the Arabic language had begun during his university days, when he had received an email, containing the promise that he could learn Arabic in three weeks or something.

There is so much to learn, and beneficial knowledge really is a treasure trove, AlHamduli Llah

We’ve been trying to write stories of our own, in Arabic, for this class. I wrote one about… a man called Ibraheem, who lives in a cave. Has a friend called Yahya. (Fictional) Ibraheem is a writer, and likes to write about… frogs. His favourite animals. He visits the aquarium weekly, with his friend. His friend wants to be a writer too. But doesn’t want to live in a cave.

And then we’re asked to ask one another questions about our stories. For example: Would I want to live in a cave, myself?

I said (in my limited Arabic,) yes, because: I like nature. And peace. And because I am strange, like Ibraheem.

I could, perhaps, also have added: I would want to maybe live in a modified cave. With in-built lighting and a good plumbing system, with underfloor heating. But my Arabic isn’t really quite there. Yet, In Shaa Allah

The beginnings of a story about an enigmatic cave-dwelling writer character who is fascinated by frogs.

[Our teacher also added that being ‘normal’ is not a desirable thing to be. We’re not here to be ‘normal’; cut away certain colours, and our potentials for exceptionality, to just ‘fit in’.

You’re you for a Divinely-Decided reason, and all.]

An example of a significant thing I have learned, from these classes:

Language, including its ‘subtleties’, is very, very important. Our words, which can build and help and heal us. Or: ruin us.

For example: if I say I ‘want’ to learn the Arabic language… Perhaps I should specify: is it more of a wish, a ‘dream’, left loosely ‘uttered’ and merely said? Or: do I plan to learn this language, In Shaa Allah ?

i.e. the difference between ‘want’ as in a ‘wish’, or: an actual plan, my ‘want’, in practical action? I found this to have been significant, AlHamduli Llah

Study so that you will succeed,” is one of the phrases, in Arabic, that we had been shown today.

I think it’s taken some searching, but truly: when the time is right, and the place is right, and you feel something of true inspiration

Your Lord, in His Magnificently Majestic, Subtle and Supreme, Ways : Will Open the doors. It’s a path, Chosen uniquely for you, that you are treading. With Allah is all the knowledge of why, and where you are, and going. Moreover, with you is: responsibility.

Yet‘ is a brilliant word, encasing a wonderful concept. And so is ‘plan‘.

In Shaa Allah is an incredibly good phrase, which comprises an essential and brilliant concept, too.

We put our efforts in. And go, are Taken, where we need to be; meet whom, and what, we are to meet.

These entire lives of ours: in the Hands of the Almighty, Rabb ul ‘Aalameen.

And language: everything that is, and has been, and will ever, ever be:

Your Lord only says, “Be.”

And it is. [Qur’an, (2:117)].

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