Maps. Relying on Allah for directions.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So I came across a quote or something. It seems, in this ‘Age of Information’, I can find myself… so flooded with information, actually, that it can become hard to pinpoint exactly where I found/read something.

It had been something along the lines of:

Why would you ask people who haven’t been, and aren’t going where you are trying to go, for directions?

Why would you do that? [Trust them with your heart like that?]

We must respect people, and try to do our best by them.

And also: the Almighty is taking you to the best places and people for you. Do you have faith that this is, and has always been, true?

Allah milaya disoin.

A Bengali sentence that means, basically: Allah gave this match. Matched this with that, or me, with you.

Between you, and all the very things that are right for you. The way things, and people, enter your life. Right time, right thing/person, right way. Guided by your Lord, the Almighty, Most High.

Our Lord, give us the best in and of this world, and the best in and of the Hereafter. And make us not one of the ones who lose out.

I find great inspiration in how Ibrahim (AS), Abraham, for one special example, had been guided by Allah, and he had followed the call of his Lord, even risking being made an outcast by his own ‘people’, by his own father. Catapulted into a blazing hot fire. But he had been of the humbly, devotedly, obedient ones. And Allah had, in return, blessed His friend with so much better, and more.

Throughout the journey, He had been with him every step of the way.

Allah is Ash-Shakoor, the Grateful One, who Returns us with far more, and better. And we still honour Ibrahim (AS), this Prophet of Allah , in mention, at least five times daily, today

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