Means and Ends.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This whole… life thing: an ongoing process. Until its necessary end: and then we will come to see it. What matters. When our Lord calls us home, as He has promised us. And: have we taken heed of His very real warnings?

Promises, too, of Paradise, for those who have (adherently) believed, and who have done good deeds, enjoining one another to Truth, and enjoining one another to Sabr (patience, steadfastness, constancy).

At times, it can feel easy to become afraid: floods, it feels, of questions, and where are the answers?

Allah’s Help is near, but sometimes… we just have to wait a while. Before being returned with far more than we could ever expect or think for ourselves, from the Most Merciful.

Physiognomy: from the Greek words for ‘nature’, and ‘judge’. To be able to judge a person’s (ethnic, and/or personality-based) characteristics, based on how they appear. Especially, perhaps, from their… face.

Theoretically, and I guess it can be disagreed-on, how much some people are willing to ‘buy into’ such notions, but…

For example, if a woman’s disposition is generally more dominant, she may have… thicker, lower eyebrows. A wider face, with fuller cheeks, and a broader nose.

Maybe such notions become more controversial when considering such things as… the theory that criminals, ‘potential or realised’, can be discerned and identified ‘from their facial characteristics’. More angular facial features, maybe, a less ‘trustworthy’, ‘darker’, more ‘menacing’ look, and so on.

My personal take on this (fascinating! Maa Shaa Allah ) topic is that: some elements of personality are discernible through a person’s appearance. Not only does the face show such things as… what’s going on in the gut, and hormonally [e.g. spots on the chin, apparently, for women: to do with surges in female hormones nearer to the time of the month. Also: particular types of spots can be signs of an intolerance to such things as dairy. Or, of imbalanced eating habits, maybe, like too much oil in your diet].

Facial features can be indicative of… the history of you, before you. i.e.: in general, Chinese people may share particular facial features, while Lithuanian people may have others in common.

Recently, someone I’d been speaking to had thought that… I’m Somali. Which is interesting, for me, because I’m South Asian, but seem to have been mistaken as being African a fair few times. [It’s actually an honour for me to be mistaken as being Somali though. Not to romanticise (imagine sparkle emojis here) the entire female side of an entire race, but… Somali women are just beautiful and amazing, Maa Shaa Allah . Something about them that Allah has blessed them with, and I think it’s just passed down, from mothers to daughters, mothers to daughters…]

It also makes sense, since Islam had come to Bangladesh through Yemeni ancestors. And Somalis have Yemeni heritage too, so… it makes sense.

Anyway. Back to the topic at hand. Some men would appear to have more sanguine-looking facial features, which I do think holds a connection with their intrinsic/hormonal makeup. Some people may appear more dominant, more competitive, and so on, for example. Others: otherwise. I think Allah has given us certain natures, and personalities, and then we, too, have some autonomy, over what we allow to translate into our character.

For example: if a man finds his personality to be… naturally really driven by the pursuit of wealth. Will he become wealthy in order to hoard it all, or will he direct his intentions and energies towards also paying his Zakāt and Sadaqah?

If a woman naturally finds her personality to be… quick-witted… Will she harm others, with the sharpness of her words, or will she direct what she says and does towards better ends?

Aspects of us: thicker, or thinner, eyebrows maybe. Naturally messier, or neater, hair perhaps.

I think: it’s not really about acting contrary to, or in attempted denial of, our natures. Rather: seeking to cultivate them in good, and the best, ways.

Preferences towards these ways of doing things, or those ones. Taller, or shorter. It’s by Divine Decree, and what we find ourselves presented with, in terms of those ‘fundamentals’, and ‘naturals’… These are the means[es?]

What will our ends be?

Means and Ends.

This life is a big test. And:

It could be argued that, in the study of humanity: everything can basically be summarised as…

Religion. Sex/Gender. Power. (Life, and,) Death.

Religion: our connection with our Creator.

Sex/gender: Allah has not created the male to be exactly like the female.

Power: be careful with it, and how do we use it, whenever we may have it [in terms of financial power, in terms of… the dependents in our care. In terms of: knowledge, and so on]? Great power: great responsibility, and in certain cases… seeming ‘little power at all’: if you have the Help of God, you have it all.

Finally: life. Time. The tools, the means[es?] we have, all around us.

And, death: when (not ‘if’,) it all finally clicks, and we come to see, firsthand, what it has all really meant.

[One of my little tutees has been reading a book on time, from school. What is time? As the book says, it’s actually difficult to verbally define. I think it’s generally describable as… a pushing force, which drives us away from youth, towards change and age. And, like metals towards magnet: inevitably, toward the Eternal Reality.]

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