But, but, but… Allah Knows.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

One of my relatives, ج, says that when she was younger (i.e., a kid) she’d managed to convince her little brother that ‘the blue parts of the fire [on the stove] are cold.

Fire, to a child who may not know better: it might seem… fascinating. Alight. Really sparking an interest. Curiosity, determination, an expectation of the ‘good’ (or, at least… the ‘coolness’) that ‘would’ and… ‘should’ come out of it. And: want, want, want.

I think ج’s little brother, ش, maybe whilst his mum had been turned away for a moment, had ended up touching the flame, and thus receiving… something of a burn.

We find that it is like this for many things, isn’t it? Is the young infant able to comprehend and say exactly why… there might be a child-gate, guarding the stairs? Oh, and what about those child-safety-lock features, on windows, and on car doors, medicines, and bleaches?

Substances, for example, that would prove quite toxic to a small child: but, but, but… They look so shiny.

Syrupy! Colourful! Exciting!

Those tablets look like… sweets!

Why, possibly, might we be being prevented from having these precise things?

The idea is: in these lives of ours, Allah Knows, while we do not. Sort of like how the adult parent with knowledge might guard his/her child from certain things, and instead direct them towards other things.

Leave it to a six-year-old to decide what he has for breakfast every day, and he might choose: a waffle, a doughnut, and a Nutella sandwich. With extra melted marshmallows inside.

His mother might know what he, at present, does not. That… so much sugar could not possibly be good for you, especially every day. That… maybe you shouldn’t run around on that floor that has just been mopped and cleaned. And so on.

But muuuuuuuum!

I want to!”

Allah Knows you best. Better than even you, or your parents, or whomever else, know you. He Knows about your current situations; what you might find yourself in grief over, and/or anxious about. Every single microscopic thing about you. Every minute detail; the conversations taking place in your absence, the processes that are currently in motion. Why, why, why.

And He: Knows the solutions. Better than you could ever possibly conceive of, in the here and now.

While we are fundamentally unknowing: He is the All-Knowing.

While we are imperfect, broken, and flawed: He is the Perfect, the Most Wise.

The All-Powerful, Capable. Your Lord, Cherisher, and Sustainer: The Most, Most, Most, Kind.

And your whole life, story, existence, everything:

is, rest-assured, in His Perfect, Perfect Hands.

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