Hide and Seek.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Have you ever tried, to ‘be’ [or, seem]: other than what you are?

Tried to like, say, the idea of ballet, and the colour pink, when it’s not really quite your thing?

Spent time with people whom your soul didn’t feel at ease with, and: did you end up blaming yourself, somehow?

Have you… ever tried to wear a handbag, speak in a way that you don’t really like,

Or don certain shoes to try to ‘fit in’? Have you ever noticed that:

Through these attempted superimpositions, seemingly always, somehow, shines through:

What lies within. So allow me to clarify one thing:

You can hide from the Universe, but you can not hide from He who Knows you best.

He made you you, precisely, with Divine reason: what you bring to the world, the incandescences, and — the ‘downsides’ of those things and all.

You are not anybody else, and there is such reason for that.

Allah Knows whatever you have ever been faking, and pretending, and hiding;

Knows exactly what you look like, when you’re feeling small,

Knows what you, maybe, tried to hide, are trying to hide, to be ‘more like the others’ (but maybe they were hiding too… maybe, even: to try to be ‘more like you‘),

Knows what you have tried to really hide, and conversely, to really show, to try to be more ‘liked’.

But I’m telling you now: love. Those who love you see, more, your wide humanity, and your many constellational beauties and flaws:

And because they love you, even in light of the facts of your humanity: the bond will still, still, still endure.

The rough-around-the-edges, the moments of lacklustre, dissatisfaction, and ennui:

Compulsions, fears, ‘natural face’ and… borderline ‘insanities’.

And love will (hopefully) say:

Woven between the gaps of everything that you are,

[Subtly, quietly, like supernovae, powerfully…]

It still abides, and I still love thee.

[From the people: we can hide. While we face our day-to-day, moment-by-moment realities.

Try to ‘fold away’ parts of ourselves, mould things, ‘appear’ in certain ways.

People can (seemingly so easily, at times) deceive, and be deceived.

But we can’t hide from God: never, ever from He.]

And, via my connection with Him, I seek to be more strong in, and content in, who I, at my very heart, am.

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