.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It’s the panicked searching for air.

Waking up khafya, we say, in Bengali, (and I can’t find a better word for it).

It’s the child, being transported from the car, as he sleeps. Unbroken

Peace, nestled into comfort, tucked in. It’s the provision of sweeter dreams;

Visions of hope, as the anxiety eases. Whatever it was, back into comfort, and safety,

And peace. It’s two adults behaving

Like little kids all over again. And again. And again. Rahma: it’s being told you’re beautiful

As if beautiful were your very name. And Rahma: it’s being there with you, overseeing, sturdy and determined,

You might spill milk and cry over it, and Rahma, in sheer love, cleans it all up.

Until every tear of yours becomes a ring of laughter. Provision, and nurture. Mercy,

and care. It’s the sweetness of all that oxygen, after all of that panicked searching for air.

It’s enduring, it’s merciful: sees puffiness, flaws and uneven lines as… artistry. And darker days,

And mistakes as… don’t worry, love, it’s not much to me. Because Rahma is: waterfalls, and rain,

and fruit, and fruit.

Forgiveness and comfort, with the most open of arms.

In a similar vein:

Today I write to you, dear Reader, about Tahajjud.

This is when you pray in the short period, call it the hour, before Fajr. So, if Fajr starts at 04:33 AM, you get up at 04:00, and you ask Allah for anything. In this particular time, He answers and accepts all Du’as. It’s ‘miraculous’, it really is. Try it, if you haven’t before.

[Tips: download the ‘Pillars’ app. There, you can check what time Fajr is, and arrange to wake up in the ‘period before it’ accordingly.

Also, using the app’s Qibla feature, you can locate the Qibla: the best direction towards which to make your Du’as.

Happy asking from Ar-Rahmān, Ar-Raheem (the Most Merciful, the Most Kind)!]

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