.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

‘Civilised’. ‘Savage’.

‘Noble’. ‘Barbarian’.

‘Developed’. ‘Third World’.

‘White’. ‘Moor’. ‘Self’. ‘Other’. ‘Freedom-fighter’. ‘Terrorist’.

‘Brutalities’. ‘Collateral Damage’.

‘Evolved’. ‘Barbarian’.

Cause, and Effect. Intentional ‘confusions’.

Eating with a fork. Eating with one’s hands.

English, European languages. Anything else.

‘Liberalism’. ‘Oppression’.

‘More… civilised methods of blowing people to pieces’. ‘Backward, neanderthal’.

‘Manners’. ‘Uncouth’.

‘Frank’. ‘Saracen’.

‘West’. ‘East’.

‘Europe’. ‘The rest of the world’.

‘Right’. ‘Wrong’.

‘Beauty’. ‘Ugly’.

Moral hypocrisies, arrogance, and fundamental inconsistencies.

Greed. Can cause volitional moral blindness.

Lies, solidified into ‘convictions’.

Guantanamo Bay. Torture, unapologetic. Internment camps. ‘It’s political’.

Awful‘. Theft, brutality, genocide, oppression, slavery. Propaganda.

Aftermath. Denial. Blissful ‘ignorance’.

Power, narratives.

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