Almost Home.

.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Between what we thought, and what God always knew.

Will always know, and has always known. Divine Decree, and: our place in it. The power there is, to be found in humility: the quiet weapon, safety, peace that is a Du’a.

We’ve been wrong, and we know it, over and over again: this is in our very nature. But, to seek to live these lives of ours, In Shaa Allah, with a pinch of sugar; maintain at least a little dose of sunshine. Light, which we hope shall see us through all those coming rainier days. The forecast is reality; I’m hopeful, I’m afraid.

But: to wrap ourselves in patience and prayer. To come to know what it really means, to know, and love, and learn. Wait, to witness the mysteries of the world that Allah has set, around me, one by one by one:

Watch, as the colours of this universe seep into, disperse themselves throughout, my life; watch these stories of ours unfurl.

It’s a great and worthwhile acknowledgement: to realise that nothing ‘belongs’ to anybody. It is all from Allah. His wide, wide Earth, and your exact place in it.

So as Believers in Him, and Creatures and Servants of His, and as Seekers of Him:

Maybe we can learn to feel, quite nearly, at home in this world. Irrespective of the storms, and even amid all the sunshine. Between door and door; between oceans, and ponds.

The sun rose again this morning, didn’t it? So there’s at least some chance, in this half-known day, to do at least something better.

Things are always going to happen,

Certainly for better, and certainly for worse.

Keep your head up, and keep going (and walking, and running, and crawling, and sleeping) fellow traveller:

Between mud, fitful and treacherous, at times. Mundane, and my own. And: clouds, dream-like and vast and shared – ours – and, by nature, reassuring. A breath of fresher air:

We are almost home.

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