Our Bustling City.

By Saif Ahmed, age 9. [Though sometimes he likes to call himself ‘Saif Salah Junior’ (after Mohamed Salah).]

In this, our city, I have a kitty,

And he is like the Flash.

He doesn’t crash, he doesn’t bash,

He runs smoothly like the Flash.

He has a laser toy that shoots a red dot,

He dashes, he dashes, he dashes at the dot.

After he plays, he eats from his red pot.

And on our sofa, he has his own spot.

In this, our city, I have my family, but that’s not including my cute cat:

I have one sibling and a mum and a dad.

There’s my older sister, who can really be a blister, and she is twenty-one.

My mum is forty-three and my dad is forty-five. Forty-five!

That’s almost the age of my gran.

My gran is above sixty, and she doesn’t use a fan.

She only uses a heater, and she’s the opposite of a cheetah!

In this, our city, it’s not a pity, because it’s pretty large.

It does get crowded on the train sometimes, but you really don’t need to barge!

And if you’re craving a pizza,

There’s pizza places and grocery shops, where both the veggies and the meats are.

And then you can drive it back in a car.

You can pop to the shops to buy a jar,

Then fill it up with chocolate bars!

In this, our city, our buses are red, our roads are grey, and our currency is pounds.

In this, our bustling large city, we have so many different sounds:

Like sirens wailing, and boats speedily sailing,

Along this, our River Thames.

In this, our bustling city,

Things just are so pretty.

We live right here, in London town,

Where sometimes people smile, and sometimes people frown.

Chicken and chips for dinner,

And even if I lose, (although I’ll feel a bruise,)

I’ll still feel like I’m a winner!

Maybe for tonight though, I should just have a chicken wrap,

And, in a little while, I’ll hear you all clap,

Because this is the end of my rap.

So… Mind the Gap!

And, that’s a wrap!

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